Student Paper Editing!

You’ve done most of the sweat and toil preparing your paper, thesis or dissertation. But……….

  • …maybe it doesn’t reflect all that hard work…or
  • …maybe grammar, punctuation and flow are not your strong points…or
  • …maybe you were a bit rushed at the end and didn’t give it the polish it deserves…or
  • …maybe English is not your first language and you want to make sure you’ve used it correctly.

Don’t run out of time!


No worries! Edit Wizard 4 U is what you need to make the best possible presentation of all your hard work.  Copy editing, copy writing and proofreading are what we do.

Need to tighten up your writing for a professor who values clear communication?

If you’re up against a deadline and don’t know where to turn, then contact Heidi at 847-332-2024 or for our reasonable rates* and a sympathetic ear.

Don’t run out of time!



*Rates vary from $100-500, the standard rate for a term paper or dissertation being $250. If more is needed besides grammar, punctuation and text flow (so it all makes sense), there may be an additional charge. If less is needed, the cost could be less. Just contact me to let me know what you need and I’ll give you an accurate quote.