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    Posted on September 14, 2011 by in Blog

    You’ve heard the old saying, “Everyone has a story in them.”

    Well, many of the clients I’ve worked for write the way they talk. Sometimes that works great in a book and sometimes not.

    They have wonderfully unique ideas and stories but these need to be put into a readable text, not just be a written version of a spoken text.

    My job is to rewrite their work so it’s readable and flows, yet without losing the author’s voice.

    That’s tricky.

    How do I make sure I don’t add too much of me while rewriting? After all, it’s their name on the cover, not mine.

    What I do first is read what they’ve written and get a feel for them and their own particular voice.

    Each of us has one but it’s usually so automatic that we don’t recognize it. I’m pretty good at sensing someone’s voice and not trampling on it.

    I also make it very clear that no matter how I rewrite something, if they don’t like it, it gets changed. Or deleted.

    So if you have a story but haven’t told it yet, or feel that you’re not a writer so you won’t even write it down, consider writing it as you speak and then asking an editor or writer to put it into the right format.

    But your name goes on the cover.


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