I think that writing is an art. It has to be in your blood. I am a speaker. I do lots of lectures. But presenting as a speaker is so much different from writing. Heidi took a raw idea of mine and brought it to life. She made it make sense to someone reading it..
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Why Use an Editor?

I helped Cathie Andrew edit her new book on memoir writing and asked her recently why she needed an editor. Here’s what she said: “A writer gets very close to their writing and sometimes the mind can fool you. You assume you’ve explained ..
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Writing for Reading

You’ve heard the old saying, “Everyone has a story in them.” Well, many of the clients I’ve worked for write the way they talk. Sometimes that works great in a book and sometimes not. They have wonderfully unique ideas and stories but these need to be put into a readable..[Read more]

About me

I come from a journalism family. We were trained in proper English and absolutely nothing else was allowed in our home. In fact, one of my sisters was so talented in the right usage of grammar and spelling that she went through the daily newspaper and..
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